As our North Buckhead neighborhood was developed, the land which makes up Mountain Way Common was for the most part left undisturbed.  The steep terrain, Little Nancy Creek, and the tributaries which feed it made the Commons difficult to develop.  Despite that, as the 1938 Property Map below shows, there were plans to develop a portion of the Mountain Way Common.  Home sites along a dirt road which looped from North Ivy (labeled Carrigan Boulevard on the map) included home sites as part of the Oakdale Estates development.  Homes along the adjoining sections of North Ivy were built in the late 1930s and 1940s, but the home sites along the dirt loop road were never developed. In fact Mountain Way—connecting Wieuca and North Ivy—does not appear on the map and was constructed sometime later.  The loop dirt road did exist then and portions of it still exist as the gravel road that serves as the gateway to the Commons as well as the portion of Mountain Way nearest North Ivy.

In the years before the early 1990's when GA 400 was built, this area remained undisturbed and must have truly felt like a way through the forest in the mountains.


To better understand the terrain of the area, nothing beats walking it. To give you the bird's eye view, take a look at this 3-D model prepared by Gordon Certain:

3-D Topographic Model