MWC Visioning Process Final

Mountain Way Visioning Park Pride, the nonprofit organization whose mission is to encourage the development of more and better parks all over Atlanta, facilitated the vision process for Mountain Way Common between September, 2012 and May, 2013.

Park Pride’s Visioning team, Walt Ray and Becky Katz, lead our neighborhood through a series of public meetings to develop the vision. The whole community was encouraged to come and “have their say” about the future of the greenspace.

The Conceptual Plan

We’ve had excellent, engaged community participation throughout the process. The result is a strong conceptual vision for the refreshing, vibrant asset Mountain Way Common can become for our neighborhood.

The Mountain Way Common Vision Plan is a conceptual rendering of the community vision, including:

  • “Wish list” land acquisitions at the corners of Mountain Way and North Ivy and on North Ivy and Mountain Drive, and
  • High and low priority concepts.
  • The Vision Plan:

  • Does not note priorities.
  • Is not a detailed construction document or final implementation plan.
  • Concepts will go through standard engineering evaluations and permitting processes with the appropriate governing bodies before implementation. Mountain Way Common is subject to local and state codes regulating land use, building and watershed protection.

    Download a PDF of the Conceptual Vision Plan here.


    At the May 4th community meeting, neighbors ranked priorities for the space. Based on community feedback, Friends of Mountain Way Common are working on:

  • Hiring a design firm to create schematic plans from the Vision;
  • Exploring potential acquisition of additional land;
  • Making sure we understand exactly what can and can't be done in the space, and what is good to do for responsible environmental stewardship of the creek ecosystem.
  • Developing preliminary cost estimates for high priority Phase 1 design projects, like an “outer loop” walking trail along Mountain Way, North Ivy and the dirt road coupled with a new, small bridge and some benches or other passive recreational amenities; and
  • Raising funds to construct park amenities set forth in the Mountain Way Common vision.
  • How You Can Help

    Help launch Mountain Way Common, creating a refreshing, vibrant community space for us all. Our goal is to raise $210,000 to implement Phase 1 projects.

    Learn more about the Phase One Plan.


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  • Visioning Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

    To plan for and facilitate the gathering of neighborhood input, a steering committee met monthly. Here are the minutes from the visioning steering committee meetings:

    Public Meeting Minutes

    For a summary of each public meeting, read the minutes below: