Phase Two Plan

Phase One Plan

September 12, 2016 Update: Big Boost for MWC

The Waterfall Foundation recently announced a $25,000 donation toward the completion of the Mountain Way Common Park, saying "We are very impressed with the potential of this park which will enable neighbors to connect with each other and provide a place of refuge and recreation for the community.” With those kind words, the foundation helped Mountain Way Common make a huge leap forward in securing necessary matching contributions to benefit from Park Pride’s $100,000 matching grant.

To be clear, there’s more needed to fund this next phase of efforts to turn a forgotten piece of expressway borderland into a useful neighborhood destination and a gateway to PATH400’s many near and distant destinations. This gift brings us just over the $60,000 mark toward our goal.

We are grateful to The Waterfall Foundation for their generous donation and we are appealing to you to help us continue to build momentum. Whether stock options, cash, pledges, or other donations — you can make these through the Donate Now button above.

Every donation helps get us closer to our $100,000 goal. Together, we can reach it!

August 7, 2016 MWC Phase 2 Trail Update

We are currently raising money to complete Phase 2 of our design: the building of a 0.3 mile, 10’ wide concrete perimeter trail around MWC that will make it safer and easier for people of all abilities to use the loop. The image above is not an exact rendering, but gives an idea of the loop. This trail will eventually link directly to PATH400 and provide our community with direct and safe access to the City’s developing trail system, including the Atlanta BeltLine.

We have been awarded a generous $100,000 matching grant from Park Pride—we must raise $100,000 in order to receive this $100,000 to be invested in our park. As of August 7, 2016, neighborhood fundraising has netted $32,000, with another $8,000 in pledge.

We need to raise an additional $60,000 to construct the Phase 2 walking path and receive the full match from the Park Pride grant for investment in our neighborhood.

Please make a generous donation today and you could DOUBLE the impact of your tax-deductible gift for our neighborhood.

As a fiscal partner of Livable Buckhead, LLC, support to MWC can be made on a tax-deductible basis through the 501(c)3 relationship. Use the blue "Donate Now" button above to make a donation.

Future plans for MWC include development of more specific landscaping plans with trees and woody native shrubs to secure the stream bank and to beautify the park (estimated at $25,000). The community also wishes for an outdoor classroom, lighting, bike racks, a water fountain, a seating area for visiting, a stream overlook, a boardwalk in the swampy lower trail area, and lastly, the potential purchase of a vacant lot which sits across the street from MWC where a playground and/or pavilion would complete the neighbors’ wishes.

March 1, 2016 Update

We're gearing up for Phase 2 of Mountain Way Common! The goal is to install a paved walking path for the upper trail. The Friends of the Park Group is seeking grants and donations from the community. Donate today so you, and others, can ENJOY MOUNTAIN WAY COMMON. Use the blue Donate Now button at the top of this page. Our goal is to raise $150,000. Together, we can make this happen!

July 20, 2015 Update

The bridge is in! Watch it being swung into place on YouTube. We currently anticipate work on the connecting board walk to be completed in mid-August, 2015, and celebrated with a September 2nd ribbon cutting cermony!

April 25, 2015 Update

Construction work for the “Phase 1” Pedestrian Bridge over Little Nancy Creek is underway! A groundbreaking ceremony was help on April 22, 2015. As things progress, we will continue working with the contractor to ensure that any ground disturbance is as minimal as possible. Our current construction timeline has this portion of Phase 1 being completed in July 2015.

Phase One Projects

Several high-priority projects were identified through the community-developed vision for Mountain Way Common completed in Spring 2013. Since then, the Friends of Mountain Way Common Design Committee has been working on how to make Phase 1 design projects a reality.

Phase 1 includes:

  • A natural, mulched “outer loop” walking trail,
  • A pre-cast pedestrian footbridge to connect the north and south sides of the space, and
  • Several benches or other passive amenities.

  • See a pdf of the 36"x48" Phase One design.

    Additional funds are being sought for the project. Please consider becoming a Founding Friend of Mountain Way Common, or making a donation in any amount to help the project get to completion more quickly.

    Phase 1 Goals

    The Phase 1 project combines landscape architecture principles and engineering techniques in the newly created public park in an innovative way to address public-safety issues while enhancing community life. The Phase 1 development of MWC will demonstrate the value of sustainable, collaborative design and the positive social, health, environmental and economic impact that such development can have on a community.

    The site is bisected by Little Nancy Creek, making a large portion of the site difficult for residents to access. Because of access issues, there’s been a perception in the neighborhood that the southern portion of the site is unsafe. This first phase of the project includes a pre-fabricated, 10’ wide bridge to unite the north and south sides of the site and coincidentally address perceived safety issues. The bridge is strategically placed to achieve a series of environmental, sensory, and hydrological objectives. Spanning up to 120’, the location of the bridge and boardwalk will minimize the impact on the existing tree canopy and slopes, celebrate and frame views of the juxtaposition between the natural and infrastructure characteristics of the site, and avoid any impacts inside the 100’ flood line. Additionally, the bridge is placed to visually frame and anchor a naturally depressed location of the site proposed to be a future outdoor classroom.

    In addition to providing access to a previously underutilized space, the bridge will also facilitate new pedestrian circulation patterns within the site, providing residents with a 1/3 mile walking loop on a natural path to be installed by neighborhood volunteers. Not only will Phase 1 serve as a catalyst for change in this underutilized site, but will also provide residents with access to a walking trail and natural green space while also limiting the impact to the natural environment and celebrating the sites natural and infrastructure characteristics.

    Costs and Funding

    The estimated cost for Phase 1 elements—a natural mulched trail, precast footbridge, and a few benches or other passive amenities—is approximately $210,000. Approximately $70,000 in additional funding will be needed to develop a series of concrete, decomposed granite, and mulch trails on the 1/3 mile walking loop, plus add park signage, some landscaping and trash cans.

    At this time, the City does not have park development funds to support Phase 1. Funds must be raised through neighborhood support and private grants, several of which have matching components. Park Pride has awarded a $100,000 matching grant. Your support is essential to make Mountain Way Common a reality.

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